Photo by M. Lisa Monroe
Fern Bailey, Ashley Eisenhart, Natasha Manktelow, Lexie Beal, teacher Danielle Kiefer, Josh Huber, TJ Hulser, Macgregor Ritz-Kenny and Aaron Nerschook in front of their home crafted boats.

Danielle Kiefer’s Town of Webb School Advanced Placement Environmental Science class floated their homemade boats on the Old Forge Pond on Wednesday, June 7.
The students built the boats with recycled and found materials.
“My hope is that the students learn how materials can be reused and/or recycled in useful ways, so that they can see how simple it is to reduce their use of materials,” said Kiefer.
The boys built a one seater boat that had no trouble getting from one dock to the other.
The girls’ boat held three people, and also zipped over to the other dock with no problems.
— M. Lisa Monroe