By Coach Ken Thibado
For the Express

The BombERNs landed at North Creek last Tuesday to take on The Black Widows.
The field conditions were perfect at the Ski Bowl’s well groomed diamond. Each Tuesday’s diamond grading is brought to you by The Lights Are On Design Studio! If you feel your diamond needs attention, bring it by when the lights are on. The Lights Are On Design Studio, we don’t just make jewelry; we make jewelry all better.
The BombERNs, our ERNgels from the Eagle Bay Tavern, could not wing their way to the season’s first victory against the Barking Spider sponsored team. Their poisonous blasts would ultimately shoot down our squadron, but not before the team produced some impressive offense of its own.
The newest BombERN prospect Lauren Brindley, nicknamed “Prospect” held down left field like a veteran member of the team. Prospect was called up from the farm system to fill in for Goose out in left field, who in turn, was filling in for an injured Red over at first base. Both girls showed great glove work in their new positions.
Game changer Sara Shanahan, the steam engine from The Big Moose Station, along with Prospect, Pixie, and Goose were the only BombERNs to plate runs, all during a lengthy first inning. Ultimately the Widows would score more in the frame, leaving our girls in a three run deficit at the close of the first, down 7-4.
Bryan Bennett’s Wife smoked three Mountainside blasts on the day, while Goose would Larry-Burger-Linedrive her way to a perfect three for three. The girls continue to be hot hitters, but their timing was off as they left 13 runners stranded on the base paths.
The Gnarly Quinn had powerful drives taken away by Widow webbing, along with Bryan Bennett’s Wife, Rubber, Crusher, and Crash. BMI RBI (all RBI are sponsored by The Big Moose Inn) were driven in by Goose (two), Quinn and Bryan’s Wife, but not enough runs would be amassed as our Mighty BombERNs stay defiantly winless.
Another impressive showing from Rubber on the rubber, but even her antic-filled delivery could not confuse the club wielding Widows.
Concussed, broken, and bruised, The BombERNs managed to pull down another 50/50 raffle back at The Barking Spider, The Black Widows’ clubhouse.
The BombERNs look to lay down a winning bomb run up in Chester Town, as they take on The P-House Panthers next Tuesday. First pitch is 6:30 p.m., come join us.
Injury report: Pixie, day to day, broken finger. Red, day to day, barely broken toe.
Transaction Report: BombERNs call up Maddy, from minor league affiliate The Glenmore Girls.