Photo by M. Lisa Monroe
Matt Matteson in his greenhouse.

By M. Lisa Monroe
Express Editor

Matt Matteson has been tending his Mothers Day flowers since the snow was two feet deep, and this week he has a greenhouse full of beautiful blooms. There are hanging baskets full of million bells, petunias, begonias and geraniums, impatiens and fuchsia. After being acclimated to the browns and grays of early spring in the Adirondacks, the greenhouse is so colorful it hurts.
Matteson’s Market has been in business for 22 years, and like many businesses in the area, it has undergone many changes in its years. They rent cabins and do landscaping. They now grow all of their own produce, they have been making take home meals and owner, Jim, has even started his own line of Adirondack candles and soaps.
“We even have a pet bar,” said Jim. “It smells so good people want to use it,” added his wife, Bridget, smiling.
Matt, their son, has a degree in horticulture and he’s the one in charge of making sure that there are flowers for Mother’s Day. He starts the plants 10 weeks before the holiday, from seedlings.
“It gives you something to do in the winter,” Matt said.
The seedlings are purchased with the help of a plant broker. Many people have the experience of sitting at the table on a dark winter day pouring over seed catalogs and planning their gardens. The pros don’t do it that way, they contact a plant broker. They tell the broker what they’re looking for, and the plant broker finds the supplier for them. So then all Matt has to do is plant them, make sure they’re warm and watered and hope that the greenhouses get enough light that his plants will bloom on time. He doesn’t mind.
“I’ve always had a fascination with growing things,” he said.
The tour through the greenhouse is like walking into summer. It’s warm, and lighter than the cold gray outside would warrant, and the plants are in bloom. Matt points out all of the different plants naming them with their Latin names and their more poetic common names, Pink Wave, Sunrise Cherry and many more. There are petunias that deadhead themselves, plants that are happy in partial shade and most will keep flowering all summer.
Matt is happy to tell you what plant will work best on your mom’s porch. He also has potted herb gardens if your mother is the more culinary type.
Growing up in the Town of Webb, Matt knew he wanted to live here. He loves hunting and fishing, he’s an avid hiker and he was able to get a degree in a profession that allows him to live in the Town of Webb.
“I always knew I wanted to live here,” said Matt. “I love it.”
Matteson’s Market is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday except Sunday when they close at 5 p.m.