Express Staff

CAP-21 held its annual meeting Nov. 18. President Tim Foley began the meeting by saying that he would not be president for the following year, but would in fact be vice president. He looks forward to working on many community projects, and continuing the mission of CAP-21. CAP-21 concentrates on what the people of the community want done in their area and the group looks for ways to enhance the community.
Foley then turned the meeting over to Executive Director Nick Rose to present the financial report. Treasurer Sandy Booton usually presents the report but she was unable to because she was ill.
The income for the year that began Nov. 1, 2014 and ended Oct. 31, 2015 was $80,867.43. The expenses for the year were $85,588.98 for a loss of cash basis of $4721.48 this does not however reflect accounts receivable which had been paid already in November so CAP-21 finished the year in the black and not the red.
Rose read a note from Booton which said the board members of CAP-21 wanted to thank membership of Central Adirondack Association, state and local governments and Community Foundation of Oneida Herkimer for their ongoing support of the organization.
The meeting then continued with the naming of the newly elected officials for the Executive Committee for the following year, naming Deb Carhart as the new president. Carhart has been the executive director in the past as well as a member of the board and volunteer. Foley will be the vice president, Sandy Booton will continue on as the treasurer and Jeanne Murdock accepted the position of secretary. Carolyn Trimbach will be rejoining the board after having rotated out after serving the maximum amount of time allotted. Paige Hannah is currently on the board, but is now stepping down, also having served the maximum time allotted. She plans to stay involved with CAP-21 due to her belief that CAP-21 works hard to promote the Town of Webb, supporting as many local organizations as they can. They hold various functions and look for ways to financially support the community whether it be through grants or fundraising.
The Annual Report was presented by Rose. He stated that CAP-21 submitted grant applications in the excess of $2.4 million. He also stated that they (CAP-21) had received grant funds for a number of local projects this past year such as the Inlet and Woodgate libraries, the transportation grant which was done in collaboration with Herkimer County for the shuttle, there was a grant from the Community Foundation for the North Woods Community Center for renovations, and a McCauley Mountain snowmaking equipment grant which means there is new snowmaking equipment for this ski season.
There was a grant received for the revitalization of Arrowhead Park which will go towards changes to bathhouse and making the park more accessible for people with mobility impairments. CAP-21 is currently waiting to hear on whether they have been successful in raising funds for the Mission Boutique addition at Niccolls Church.
Rose stated that the return on investment to the area was close to $8.2 million “which is pretty good for an organization of CAP-21’s size,” said Rose.
Rose went on to list the numerous projects CAP-21 is involved with, one of which is the Great South Woods project which will hopefully generate more tourism to the area south of Route 28. This area consists of about a third of the Adirondack Park and has the lowest tourism rates. Another project is how to generate “trail towns.” Trail towns bring people to particular areas around things like fine dining, beer, wine, art museums and cultural activities. CAP-21 wants to see how they can promote and brand them.
CAP-21 works in conjunctions with organizations that promote the region while working on economic development. The town’s Master Plan and comments from some of the new members of the town board, shows that there is a huge interest in revitalizing Town of Webb and making it one of the top places people from all over will be interested in visiting.
Another project Rose spoke about was the Farmer’s Market. This was the eighth year for the Old Forge Farmer’s Market and it generated $4,400 in nutrition assistance to the Town of Webb. Rose said that one of the issues the market is no facing is that they are having a hard time trying to find space of all of the sellers who’d like to participate.
Foley then praised Rose by pointing out that Rose,”…is everywhere and involved in so many different things. Between Nick (Rose) and Mike (Farmer) we are represented all over the Adirondack park.”
Lani Ulrich reminisced back to the start up days of CAP-21 and is appreciative for all that Rose is doing for the area. She went on to say that the skills Rose brings and money he has brought to area is phenomenal. She continued saying that she thought every place had a CAP-21, when in fact, no one else has a CAP-21. “If they have the Wildlife Conservation Society helping their small community organizations, then they have a chance of doing a tenth of what cap-21 does,” Ulrich said.
Foley also believes something that separates the Town of Webb from rest of the park is the CAA. They too are involved in numerous things that help make the town noticeable and and overall enjoyable place to live and visit, and not many areas have the type of organization the way Town of Webb does.
Mike Farmer then had a chance to speak and he began by stating that one program he was happy to see happen was the ALS service that is now going to be provided by the Old Forge Ambulance Corps. Farmer is also happy that he was a part of bringing the shuttle to the Town of Webb and said that Rose helped get the transportation grant with the county to make the shuttle happen.
The meeting concluded with Rose reading the minutes of the meeting that had just occurred, and everyone finished the evening with a wonderful buffet, CAPPY duck cake and happy conversation.