Due to recent events such as hurricanes and earthquakes Niccolls Memorial Presbyterian Church is collecting items for hygiene kits. These provide some basic necessities for those in need. You may provide all or some of these items. These items are:
One hand towel measuring approximately 15” by 28” (no fingertip, bath, dish towel or microfiber), one wash cloth, one wide tooth comb removed from the package, one fingernail clipper removed from the package, one bath size bar of soap in the wrapper, one tooth brush in the package (no toothpaste please, these have expiration dates, a tube of paste will be provided when the kits are shipped out), and ten standard sized band-aids.
Include $2 as processing fee if you are able. Checks should be made out to Niccolls Church.
You can drop these off at the church anytime. There will be a card board box by the front door with hygiene kit written on it. Place your items there.
All help is appreciated.