Creekside Gifts and Antiques, Round Lake Road in Woodgate will be closing its doors after 28 years of business. Their last weekend of business will also be their final Christmas Open House from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 29 and 30.
Creekside first opened in the basement of owners, Dale and Barbara Ferris’ log cabin on Memorial Day Weekend in 1986. In 1988 the business moved to its current location across the driveway from their home. Over the years this building expanded to include a second floor, candle/pantry room and a large Christmas room.
The Christmas room would be full of Adirondack style ornaments, unique glass ornaments as well as S’mores and collectible Santas and Angels. The Candle/Pantry room contained Yankee Candles, candle accessories, jams, maple syrup and all sorts of unique kitchen items. The upstairs was known as the Adirondack room which showcased Adirondack furniture built by Dale. Also, upstairs there were coverlets and quilts in all colors and sizes. The main room downstairs played host to antique collectibles, refurnished antique furniture, Adirondack books, note cards and so much more.
Carol Douque, Barb’s cousin, worked alongside the owners for 14 years. She was their ‘walking computer.’ She was Barb’s right hand when it came to handling the merchandise. She could tell how much and where the merchandise was located. Carol passed in 2009 and is sorely missed to this day. During Carol’s tenure was the ‘Beanie Baby’ craze. People came from miles around to Creekside to buy the latest Ty Beanie Baby. Many of these people became close friends over the years and will contact Barb from time to time to ‘check in’.
Much of the furniture throughout the shop was refurbished or built by Dale. He and Barb would purchase furniture that needed to have TLC from auctions or flea markets. Dale would strip the old varnish off, repair what needed to be fixed and re-stained, bringing the piece back to its original beauty. Dale also enjoyed building furniture. He made chairs, tables, shelves, etc. out of birch bark. He also enjoyed working with ‘burls’ (large tree knots), fashioning beautiful tables out of them. These pieces were a source of pride for him. His two most cherished pieces of furniture were a wine cabinet for his granddaughter Melissa and then fiance Michael the year they became engaged. The second was a hutch for a wedding present for Melissa and Michael. He finished it in April of 2012 and passed a month later.
Creekside’s claim to fame is its ‘Christmas Open House’ held on Thanksgiving weekend. The family comes home every year to ‘work’ the open house. People travel from as far away as Syracuse and Rochester to attend. They come for the locally made wreaths, delicious refreshments, door prizes and the ‘good deals.’ Come join the Ferris family as they celebrate the end of an era.