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Express Editor
Imagine opening your door and going into your backyard and finding a party under way, complete with music, food, drinks, and, on some occasions, stripper poles and blow up dolls. This is the situation that property owners near the Eagle Bay sand bar say that they are subjected to each summer weekend.
Christopher Nolan, speaking on behalf of himself and other property owners, said the situation at the sand bar has gotten so bad over the last few years it is removing their enjoyment of their property. The list of problems is long. Boaters are anchoring a few feet off shore and playing loud music, sneaking onto land and going to the bathroom, harassing young women on shore with obscene catcalls, littering the water, blocking access to docks and much more. Sometimes there are more than 80 boats anchored in the area.
“We are not disputing the public’s right to navigate over the waters, but we are strongly disputing the public’s right to drop anchor, especially directly in front of our property and docks. Sometimes within inches,” said Nolan.
Nolan says that his property had deeded rights to the low water mark, which is seven and a half feet below the high water mark.
The Eagle Bay property owners would like the town board to consider taking some action.
“The Lake George Park Association enacted legislation that prevents boaters from anchoring inside of 200 feet from shore in front of private property. These areas are deemed ‘Restricted Use Areas.’ They also have towns, that fall within The Lake George Park Association, that have created their own Town Laws with respect to anchoring, that prevent anchoring at all in some areas,” said Nolan.
The town board appreciated Nolan and company bringing the matter to its attention and will look into possible solutions to the problem.
In other board news:
The board decided to buy an excavator from Carter’s Trucking and Blacktop at a price of $55,000. The bid from Carter’s was the only bid received.
• The board accepted the resignations of TOW PD Officers Capristo and Clark, and Town of Webb Recreation Director Sara Alves.
• The board received a letter expressing concern about parking at Bald Mountain. During the busier times of the year overflow parking from the parking lot is lining Rondaxe Road, which is already a narrow road. The writer was concerned that with the people coming in and out and the limited line of sight in the area that there would be an accident. The TOW Highway Department will look contact the county about the problem. Rondaxe is a county road.
• The Town of Webb Justice Court was audited and everything is in order.