The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc. has awarded a grant in the amount of $11,500 to the Town of Webb Health Center Fund, now known as the Community Health & Wellness Fund. This grant is part of the foundation’s “Promoting Independent Senior Living” initiative and is intended to accomplish two objectives: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the region’s social, recreational and wellness needs, particularly of our senior residents and visitors; and conduct a feasibility study of local options for establishing a Community/Senior Center within the Town. This feasibility study will include a detailed cost analysis of specific options within the community that might lend itself to an intergenerational community center. What are the pluses and minuses of each option? What renovation or reconstruction costs might be involved? What would be the projected costs to establish and what would be the projected costs of maintaining such a center?
With the administration of the Health Center now under St. Elizabeth and Mohawk Valley Health Services, the Community Health & Wellness Fund has been undertaking a process to rebrand itself and its mission, looking at ways it can support wellness within our region. Geriatric research has repeatedly demonstrated that active and engaged seniors stay healthier on the whole. Such a community center could house the SHARP program, Meals on Wheels, community events, pre-school and after school activities. This grant will provide the first step in exploring this opportunity further.
The grant application was submitted with the assistance of the CAP-21 community grant writing program, which is supported by the Town of Webb, Herkimer County, the Central Adirondack Association and the Town of Inlet. Matching funds for this project have been provided by the Community Wellness Fund and the Mission Committee of Niccolls Memorial. For more information regarding this project, please contact Mary Brophy-Moore, VP of the Community Health & Wellness Fund at (315) 369-3475, or CAP-21 at (315) 369-3353.