A short-term grief group for anyone who may be recovering from a loss will be meeting from 6:15-7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at Niccolls Church.
Niccolls Church in partnership with a Utica and a Boonville Funeral Home will be hosting the six-session grief group. Based on interest, another session will be offered in the spring. Neither funeral home offers this service any longer, leaving Hospice in Utica as the closest group for the Old Forge area.
The program will be based on the work of Sister Rose Troy, (now retired), and will incorporate materials from Rev. Sherm Skinner’s previous group and the booklets of Doug Manning, a ‘to the point,’ short series of writing that speak to the complexities and realities of grief and loss, while offering the tools needed to regain healing and wholeness.
This program is free of charge, confidential, non-denominational and open to all. Time of day or evening may be altered based on group interest and availability. Lani Ulrich, of Old Forge, will facilitate the fall sessions. She holds an MEd in Special Education, began her career in a therapeutic high school and has received extensive training in group dynamics.
Pre-register by calling Niccolls Church at (315) 369-3475 or Lani Ulrich directly at (315) 369-3647.