Photo by M. Lisa Monroe
Will, Andrea and Alexis Hollister in the moccasin section of the new (to them) Hollister’s Trading Post building.

Express Editor

Last year, after Hollister’s Trading Post burned down, co-owners Andrea and Will Hollister promised that they would be back. Their original intention was to open in same spot that the shop had been for over 50 years, when it was owned by Will’s aunt and uncle, Keith and Gretchen Hollister as Holly Woodworking. The shop, located at the north edge of town, was a tradition for shoppers for generations. But when a historic building became available in the middle of town, the Hollisters decided to go for it.
They have taken over the old Foley Lumber and Hardware building.
“We were lucky in our old spot because even though we were away from Main Street, we were a destination for people. When this building was sitting empty, we thought it would be a great location for us. We also hope that it increases the continuity of businesses on Main Street. We don’t want one big empty building in the middle of town,” said Andrea.

Photo submitted Will and Andrea Hollister at the new (to them) Hollister’s Trading Post building.

Photo submitted
Will and Andrea Hollister at the new (to them) Hollister’s Trading Post building.

The building, which was a hotel in the early part of the 20th Century, is huge. Will and Andrea had to have a lot of vision to see that it could be what its become: a cozy, charming retail space.
“We did all of it. Willie did most of it. We cleaned it out by dumpster load, and then we had a blank canvas to work with,” said Andrea.
“Every day Andrea’s dad would come in and say, ‘Nothing’s done.’ But a lot of it was planning, I had the idea in my head and I was gathering things together. He came in the last weeks before we opened and he was amazed because every time he came in it looked so different,” said Will.
Andrea said that they saved as much building material as they could so that it could be “up-cycled”.
“Everything you see, we did. I love it and our customers do too,” said Andrea.
They have kept the South Western feel of the store and still carry the largest line of Minnetonka Moccasins in the North East, and they’ve added a boutique to their usual offerings. The Simpli Nature boutique has soy products for your home and soy grooming supplies. Andrea said that her customers have reacted positively to the new line of natural products.
For information about hours call (315) 369-3757.