Express Editor

Ever since the Fourth of July residents, both seasonal and long-term, in neighborhoods in the Town of Webb have been subjected to illegal firework displays.
Maria Carocci lives on First Lake in Hollywood Hills and says that nearly every weekend, and sometimes on the weekdays, someone sets off fireworks.
“Lately there have been a lot being blown off right on the lake. The echo makes it feel like they are in my yard. The loud bangers shake the house. This is not fair. It takes so long to get settled back down to sleep,” said Carocci.
Carocci says that this year it’s been particularly bad, that usually it dies off after the Fourth of July.
The only legal fireworks in the Town of Webb are “sparkling devices,” like sparkling fountains (cylindrical and cone) that are lit and go off while on the ground, sparklers on wooden sticks, smoking devices, snakes, party poppers and paper-wrapped snappers
Any fireworks that fly or make loud bangs are illegal. That includes things like Roman candles, firecrackers, bottle rockets, spinners and all other aerial devices.
Meg Ulrich, who doesn’t live near any of the lakes, says that people have been setting off fireworks in her neighborhood too.
“They are disruptive to dogs and people and rude,” says Ulrich.
Town of Webb Police Chief Ron Johnston says that if people are found with illegal fireworks they will be prosecuted according to the firework ordinances and that repeat offenders will be arrested. He hopes that will not become necessary.
“I would ask people to be neighborly, even if they’re just going to be neighbors for week,” said Johnston.
The loud noise from illegal fireworks disrupts domestic animals and the wildlife, and can even trigger episodes for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
“The Adirondacks are a haven for folks who are getting away from the noise and commotion of the city to commune with nature. It’s also a forever wild sanctuary for wildlife. Fireworks, except for the occasion of public displays, should be kept out of the park; not only for peace and quiet, but for the safety and preservation of our flora and fauna,” said Ulrich.