Photo by M. Lisa Monroe
The old ball field at North Street will get a facelift this spring.

Express Editor

The Town of Webb Board met for its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 11. Two board members, Kate Russell and Mike Ross, were on vacation, but there were enough members to form a quorum. A quorum is when a board seats enough members to take binding votes. In the case of the town board, three members must be in attendance for votes to be taken.
Dave Aliasso came before the board to talk about the progress being made on the Little League field. Aliasso has been working on getting the baseball field at North Street revamped for the Old Forge Little League. It has been difficult for the Little League team to schedule games in Old Forge because the school’s fields are usually scheduled for games. The field at North Street would be able to host not just Little League but also softball teams.
“We want it to be a community field,” said Aliasso.
The refurbishing of the field will cost between $35,000 and $40,000, most of which has been garnered through grants. An amount of $10,000 was set aside by the town board in the 2017 budget, and Aliasso has received a grant from Community Bank, and is expecting to get one from the Community Foundation. The Old Forge Little League is also holding two raffles, one for a 10 foot kayak donated by Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company and one for a 32 inch smart tv with built in Roku streaming service donated by Walt’s Diner. The kayak tickets are $25 each and the tv tickets are $10 or three for $25. If you’d like to purchase tickets, call Aliasso at Walt’s Diner at (315) 369-2582.
Phase one of the project should break ground in mid-May. It includes new clay, sod, bases and maybe even dugouts. The first phase will take about three weeks, and Aliasso thinks that the Little League will be able to play the last half of its season on the new field.
Phase two should be done next year and includes bleachers, lights and maybe a new fence for the outfield. The ball field’s outfield butts up against the soccer field, so any fencing would have to be easy to remove when the soccer field is being used. Aliasso has looked into a system of mobile fencing to solve the problem.
This year Aliasso has had about 30 kids sign up for Little League. They have enough children to have a team for 8 to 10 year old, and one for 11 to 13 year olds.
The board asked that Aliasso get back in touch with the town with his insurance information for the project.
In other board news:
—Heather Hayes was hired as the Beach Director for the Old Forge Beach. She was the head life guard last year.
—Head of the Department of Public Works, Maurice Hudon asked the board to declare about 800 old water meters as surplus. The old meters are from when the town went to radio sensor meters. All of the old style meters were replaced. The town declared the meters surplus and they will be sold for scrap and the money will be put into the water district’s unclassified revenue fund.
—The board passed a resolution in support of the new communication tower at McCauley Mountain. The resolution will be included in the packet that must go to the Adirondack Park Association for approval of the tower.