The Old Forge Library is pleased to announce the winner of the people’s choice entry in the Lessons Learned Poetry and Art Exhibit.
The public voted and Aaron Mekkri’s poem “GoodBye” received the most votes, at 42. His poem also received an honorable mention from judges, poets Bibi Wein and Stuart Bartow. Aaron is a sophomore at the Town of Webb schools. He and his family live in Otter Lake.

By Aaron Mekkri

A story of Mom and Dad
A story that is so sad
Young age they leave each other
Different Lives between my father and mother

Step mom and Dad in the apartment
Where weekend life was spent
Dad could not keep work
Hearing the door open my head jerks

The sunshine to my day
She spent most of it away
She put food on the table
Since dad wasn’t able

One day with Step Dad and mom
I heard news that something was wrong
I remember the bitter tears
Time passing felt like years

Dad showed up in a car
The wound in my heart would leave a scar
She was no longer here
My biggest fear

A week filled with fright
Going back to mom was a delight
My step mom was still around
I would see her in town

Although dad had left me alone
Waiting on my birthday for the phone
However it did not ring
And that left an eternal Sting

Although People Leave
You still have to believe
Although some people go
it will help you to grow