By Co-Captain Aris Bird
For the Express

The Mudsliders played the Black Widows in North Creek on Tuesday, June 27. The weather cleared and the sun came out for the game. During the top of the first inning the Mudsliders were able to earn one run, but the Widows retaliated with five runs. Mudsliders batted aggressively but the Widows’ strong defense held them off from any further runs the remainder of the game. North Creek did earn three more runs during the second inning and then Raquette was able to hold the Spiders from any further runs.
Highlights during the game featured Lauren “The Fixer” Fix leaping toward second base to knock down a ball and toss to second for an out as well as multiple throws to Lora “Lo Lo” Allen at first. Leslie “Fire Cracke” Beauchamp hunted down two fly balls in the field for outs. Madison “Mad Dawg” Rice made great plays in the in field catching a fly foul toward third and then easily snapped up two fly balls in the out field. Elaine “EP” Pohl delivered saucy pitches and earned a strike out. Kat “Co-Captain” Forsell protected home plate as well demonstrating tremendous placement while batting. Jenifer “JT” Temple scooped up any throws to her as well as any grounders that came her way. Jennifer “Shins” Ernenwein and Sandy “Strippy” Tetreault knocked down balls in the outfield and quickly got them in. Final score of 1-8 leaves Raquette with a 3-1 record. Next on the schedule will be Raquette Lake in Long Lake at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11.
One of the incredible features of living in small town communities is that everyone gathers together for support. Following Tuesday night’s game the Mudsliders, Hot Screamers and Bombern’s could all be seen socializing at the Raquette Lake Taproom because all of your three local teams were on the road in North Creek, Speculator and Chestertown. A lot can be said for the Ladies Softball League, its athletes and coaches, due to the wonderful atmosphere demonstrated on Tuesday. Sometimes we joke about the food at different establishments, wins, losses, plays, calls and mostly have great fun. We hope to see you at one of our next games. P.S. The Mudsliders will be now be washing their socks.