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The National Ski Patrol will walk in Friday’s parade and host a training weekend at McCauley Mountain.

The National Ski Patrol Eastern Division will be hosting a Patrollers School at McCauley Mountain over the weekend of Feb. 11.
The Outdoor Emergency Transportation component of NSP will hold four patroller schools throughout the Eastern Division. The locations are Elk Mountain, Sunday River, Killington, and McCauley Mountain. The eastern division area is from West Virginia North to Maine.
OET is basically ski and toboggan training. Advanced toboggan training techniques and ski lessons to increase the skill in advanced moguled terrain. While many different techniques will be discussed and demonstrated, the opportunity to train with the division staff will be the primary goal. Patrollers from the Eastern Division will have the opportunity to receive instruction from the top instructors within the National Ski Patrol, many driving from as far away as Maine and Ohio.
There will be between 75 and 85 patrollers in attendance from many different ski areas. The ski patrollers in attendance can choose from four different training courses: Patrollers School, Women’s Clinic, OET Ski and Toboggan Senior Training/Evaluation, Intro to Certified.
Patrol Leader at McCauley, Rusty Martin, worked closely with Mountain Manager Stevie Uzdavinis to help make McCauley an Eastern Division location earlier in the year. Both are excited to host and help the NSP. McCauley Mountain was selected by the Eastern Division OET steering committee as a perfect location based on the size, location, varying terrain, and specifically aligning with the Old Forge Winter Carnival weekend to provide a fun weekend for all involved.
The Polar Bear Ski Club was more than helpful offering to share their yurt to help accommodate the volume of patrollers in attendance. The ski patrol and the Polar Bear Ski Club work closely during ski races at McCauley.
There will be two National Ski Patrol Board members in attendance, Dave Walker from Eastern Division from Maine, and Jay Zedak from Central Division from Ohio.
The program director for the Eastern Division OET S&T, Jim O’Conner will be in attendance, from Maine. Bill Jordan, the Eastern Division Certified Chairperson will be in attendance, from Pennsylvania. The NSP Certified National Certified Chairperson Chris Brodersen will be in attendance, from New Jersey. The Eastern Division Director John Kane will be in attendance, from Maine.
Many of the visiting patrollers will be walking in the parade on Friday with signs of their home mountain names and look for the National Ski Patrol Subaru vehicles. Say hello as you see them over the weekend.