Photo by Amanda DeShaw
This mini rescue truck at the Old Forge Fire Department has reached the end of its useful life, the department is seeking donations to replace it.

For the Express

The Old Forge Volunteer Fire Department is in the process of acquiring a new mini rescue truck. The mini rescue that is currently a part of the fleet now is ten years old. The cost for replacing the truck is about $80,000 and it has come to the point that keeping the truck any longer would depreciate the trade in value to the point that it would be almost worthless.

According to Chief Charles Bogardus the new truck will have a generator and the capability to run large lights which the older truck is not equipped with, he is hopeful that if everything goes as planned the new truck will arrive in September.

The mini rescue plays many roles for the fire department as it is frequently used to transport additional personnel to the scene when a call may not require a large fire or ladder truck, it also is used in situations where a hiker may be lost and the area has limited access that a larger truck may not be able to reach. It is also utilized in the event of a snowmobile accident and has the capability to haul rescue snowmobiles close to an accident staging scene. The uses for such an important vehicle are endless.

No matter the weather conditions, time of day or type of call the Old Forge Fire Department always answers your call for help, now is an opportunity to answer the call to help them.

To make a donation for the new mini rescue truck send donations to: Old Forge Fire Department, PO Box 1170, Old Forge, NY 13420. Be sure to include in the memo that it is towards the new rescue truck. If you are unable to donate but would like to become a volunteer first responder stop by the fire house on the first weds evening of the month at 6:30pm for more information.