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The Old Forge men’s basketball team

Express staff

The Old Forge team took home the win in the Black River Valley men’s basketball league at South Lewis school on Saturday, April 1. The championship game was against Evergreen Construction from Boonville.
The final score was 73 to 64.
“It was a back and forth game between two good teams but we started to pull away in the second half. It was an all around team effort that won the game for us,” said team member Calvin Risley.
John Swick banked two three-pointers in the fourth quarter to close out the victory. Risley scored the most points in the game with a total of eighteen. Jordan Millard scored the second most points with a total of seventeen.
“The members are from all over; only four of us live in Old Forge,” Risley said.
Members of the team are Pat Perkins, John Swick, Pablo Garcia and Calvin Risley all from Old Forge and Nate Smith, John Kuznia, Ryan Lynch and Jordan Millard.
This particular team has played in this league for seven years. The team played fourteen games in the league with a final record of 13-1.
“We had a bye in the play-offs because we were the top seed,” Risley said. “Pat Perkins, Nate Smith and myself have recruited players over the years.”
Pat Perkins also sponsors and runs the team. The age requirement for this league is to be graduated from high school or 18 years old. The games start Thanksgiving weekend every year and they are all played at South Lewis school, in Boonville.
To sign up a team, contact the organizer of the league, Mike Hanno at (315) 376-6792.