By Co-Captain Aris Bird
The Taproom Lady Mudsliders opened their season on Tuesday, June 6, at Slider Field in Raquette Lake against the P House Panthers after a full day of rain and minimal sun. Unfortunately, the previous week’s game against Inlet’s Hot Screamers was postponed due to lightning and thunder. The game against Inlet will be played at the end of the season during make up week.
Returning to the helm as coaches for Raquette Lake are Gary Miller and Tom “Beeba” Norris. This spring coaches ran grueling practices through bugs and odd weather to prepare for the upcoming season. Coach and player in training, Autumn Miller encouraged members to work hard as she cheered from the sidelines.
Raquette started their season on the defensive in the field with a quick three outs and began the bottom of the first with hits, hits, hits. Sandy (Strippy) Tetreault resumed her lead off position in the batting order with a double. Her “wheels” easily get her to each bag before anyone can get her out. Elaine (Co-Captain) Pohl was second to bat; the Panthers remembered her intense hitting style and walked her to first.
With first and second base loaded, Lauren “The Fixer” Fix blasted one over opponent heads earning two RBI’s for the Mudsliders.
Leslie Beauchamp was too hot to handle Tuesday and followed up Fix’s hit with a fire ball to outfield sending Fix in for a run. Jen Temple waited patiently and was walked to first. Newcomer on the scene, Madison Rice (Mad Dawg) stepped up to the plate with a great hit. Jennifer (Shins) Ernenwein traveled a great distance so that she could sky rocket one into the field, earning an RBI and run for the Mudsliders. Lora (Lo Lo) Allen turned up the heat catapulting another hit deep into the outfield and sending everyone on base home for two RBI’s. Raquette’s second newcomer (Dangerous) Desiree Lurf was not shy for her first at bat and whacked a ball through the infield followed by Kat (Co-Captain) Forsell whose hard hit ball pushed Mudsliders around the bases. Jenni Roberts (8675309) and Mary Blanchard (Team Matriarch) each earned themselves an RBI. The Lady Mudsliders went through the entire batting order and finished the bottom of the first inning 8-0.
The Panthers rallied back with their hits but were no match for pitcher Elaine Pohl’s curve balls. She earned two strike outs and made each batter earn their hits. Kat Forsell also protected behind home plate allowing very few runs sneak past her. Defensively Madison Rice dove stopping a hard hit ball and caught two line drives. Leslie Beauchamp snagged a long driven ball into the outfield, Jen (JT) Temple wouldn’t let any ball beyond her territory, Lora Allen defended first letting very few women go beyond their at bat and Shins got on her horse and chased down any ball toward center field.
The fifth and sixth inning proved to be beneficial for the Panthers as they earned five combined runs. Rhonda Jacobs took the mound in the fifth and earned two strike outs in the sixth. The bottom of the sixth finished with three more runs for Raquette and the final score of 11-5 earned the Mudsliders their first victory of the season.
Mudsliders play at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 13, back on Slider Field in Raquette against one of the league’s top ranked teams, Basil and Wicks from North Creek who have yet to play a game. Hope to see you there.