On Tuesday, March 15, writers that submitted poetry to the Old Forge Library poetry contest received awards for first place and honorable mentions. And, up until May 25, the exhibit is open to the public for viewing and for voting on their favorite poem.
The exhibit can be viewed and voted on Tuesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. during regular library hours and also Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. To cast a vote, all one has to do is jot down the name of the poet or artist and the number on the label. The library staff will then go through the slips and make an announcement after May 25. The winner will receive a certificate saying that their work was voted most popular or people’s award of the Boundaries Exhibit.
The first place winner for the grades kindergarten through fourth grade contestants was a poem entitled “A Fence” by Charles Deland of Remsen.

A Fence
There is a fence.
In the fence there is a goat.
The goat eats the grass.
The grass is green.
In the grass in the fence,
there is a bug,
a happy bug upon a leaf
upon the grass
in the fence.
Near the fence
there is a barn
inside the barn there sits a cat
a hungry cat.
In the barn there is a hole
in the hole there is a mouse
a frightened mouse
in the barn
near the fence.
The cat sighs,
time flies like a pigeon.

The first place winner for the grades five through eight contestants was a poem entitled “Storm” by Jennifer Rundell of Old Forge.

The lightning crashes,
The thunder booms,
The rain on the roof top,
My boundaries are everywhere,
I cannot go outside,
My mother tells me it’s dangerous,
I cannot go down stairs.
My father says “it is dark! The power is out”
Therefore I cannot leave my room,
So I listen to the storm outside,
The rain on the rooftop,