Photo submitted
The kids spent a day kayaking in the pretty fall weather, P. Trumbauer, S. Viscelli, J. Clark, M. Trumbauer, G. Lutz, A. Viscelli, G. Heath, and T. Goettel is squatting in the front. The adults in the back are J. Marsala, L. Fay, D. Daiker.

By Inlet Common School’s sixth grade:
Grace Heath, Matt Trumbauer and Tessa Goettel

Finally, a September day with sun and warmth and where are we? Stuck at school. Actually, class at Inlet Common School that day ended up being one of the best days ever!
The younger students in grades K-2 went on a nature walk through the Jasper Day Trail. The sights and sounds were amazing! Grades 4 through 6 went on a kayaking trip on Seventh Lake. While we were in our kayaks, we saw a couple Loons and fallen trees that looked like an eagle head and another that looked like an alligator. We had lunch on an island. It was a day that warmed up nicely. We had a lot of fun kayaking and we can’t wait for our next trip! We thank Mrs. Fay for our wonderful experience.
—Ed. note: The sixth grade class at Inlet Common School is practicing its writing skills by reporting on events that are going on at the school. This is their first submission.