By Sue Bruni
Express News Staff

Primary elections will be held on Sept. 14, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Park Avenue building for Herkimer County. The only local office currently vacant is the town of Webb tax collector. Candidates for the tax collector’s office did not have the time to be put on the primary ballot, but will be included in the November elections.
The following candidates will be included on the Sept. 14 ballots:
NYS Governor: Rick A. Lazio, Republican Conservative; Ralph C. Lorigo, Conservative; Carl P. Paladino, Republican.
NYS Lieutenant Governor: Thomas V. Ognibene, Republican; Gregory J. Edwards, Republican.
NYS Attorney General: Richard L. Brodsky, Democratic; Sean Coffey, Democratic; Eric T. Schneiderman, Democratic; Kathleen M. Rice, Democratic; Eric R. Dinallo, Democratic.
US Senator (6 year term): Jay Townsend, Republican; Gary Berntsen, Republican.
US Senator (Unexpired 2 year term): Gail Goode, Democratic; Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Democratic; David Malpass, Republican; Bruce Blakeman, Republican; Joseph J. DioGuardi, Republican.
To be considered for the Town of Webb Tax Collectors position, please contact your local political party representative (Republican, Committee Co-Chair Nancy Venetz 315-369-3575; Democratic, Herkimer County Chairperson Kathy Pumilio 315-894-5413), or Town of Webb Town Clerk Nanci Russell at 315-369-6799.