By softball columnist
Darryl Hogan

Another Tuesday with rain and postponements in the Adirondack Women’s Softball League. The fallout from the rain fall has created quite the pickle this upcoming Tuesday.
Week one saw only two games with teams willing to take on the conditions. The Black Widows defeated Long Lake, and Speculator slipped past The BombERNs.
After week 2, Speculator finds themselves atop the league, now undefeated having handed The Black Widows their first loss.
Raquette Lake debuted this last Tuesday with an impressive win over Chester Town, 11-5. The game showcased The Mudsliders impressive line-up, and ended on a gem of a play by Lauren Fix. The Mudsliders appear to be the team to beat.
Meanwhile last year’s champs, The Screamers have yet to play. The Drafthouse’s team is now scrambling to fit in their postponed games. Should they be able to fit in a game at Long Lake on Monday, then they would at least have some playing time under their belt before they take on their biggest rivals, the Black Widows of North Creek.
The Barking Spider’s Widows will look to upset The Screamers as they try to get their season underway on their home field.
As I traveled the North Country to check in on the action at each venue, I happened upon some interesting sights and notions.
First, with clear skies, I discovered that BombERNs head coach, Ken Thibado, called in his game’s postponement at noon. Meaning, he had no intention of sending his team out to play, instead opting for an off day.
And where was the skipper of the BombERNs found at game time? Standing on the sidelines of the Raquette Lake game! Why play one team, when you can scout two.
The move reeks of savvy.
With a week to give, having forced his team to play in dangerous conditions once already, Coach Thibado took advantage of the situation he created. Now, The BombERNs have watched their upcoming competition play in person (also present were The BombERNs entire pitching staff, Bryan Bennett’s Wife, and Pixie). The move also creates a new home game at the end of their schedule (on a sunnier day where game time revenue will be greater).
Also on the sidelines with the BombERNs head coach were Screamers’ coaches Rick and Bob, having had their game postponed by Long Lake.
Both The Screamers and The BombERNs play at home this Tuesday, the day this article hits the newsstands. Both games are a 6:30 p.m. first pitch. Basil’s Angels will debut in Raquette at the same time.
Should The Screamers fit in two games, and play well, they could regain a foothold in the standings. Should The BombERNs elect to play this week, they will also seek redemption. Meanwhile, The Mudsliders look to pull even with Speculator by winning against Basil & Wick’s, while eyeing week four’s showdown against Speculator.
The competition appears quite level across the league. The North Country is alive with the sound of softball! Assuming it doesn’t rain.
*Darryl Hogan, when not seeking softball facts, is the Executive Chef of Great Pines. He can reached at [email protected]