Express News Staff
Work on the Inlet sewer plant and the lateral lines for the sewer district are 99 percent complete, so said Matt Cooper of Bernier & Carr, engineers on the project, at the Inlet Town Board meeting held on Wednesday, Aug. 13.
Cooper said all homes and businesses within the district are connected and everything seems to be working well.
Cooper said the ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled to take place at the plant on Friday, Sept. 6, starting at 3 p.m.
An open house at the plant will take place later in the month with a date yet to be announced.
A public hearing on the town’s updated zoning law was held but was kept open until next month’s meeting due to less than expected attendance by the public at the meeting.
Town Clerk Patty Wittmeyer said no one has come in asking for a copy of the update.
The updated zoning law is available online at the town’s website.
The update has been four years in the works and according to Supervisor John Frey, the update is actually less restrictive than the old law.
Frey also said he believes this update brings Inlet very close to being able to ask for and receive an Adirondack Park Agency (APA) approved land use plan.
If this were to happen, many of the building projects currently requiring approval from the APA could be approved by the town.
Action on the zoning update is now scheduled for the September meeting.
Highway Superintendent Shawn Hansen reported gravel has been spread and upgrades have been completed on Uncas Rd.
The department is now fixing culverts and making improvements to roads in the Moose River Plains in partnership with Hamilton County Highway, the Town of Indian Lake and the Department of Environmental Conservation.
“The towns and the county are supplying the labor and the equipment, and the DEC is providing the material,” Hansen said.
The board authorized Hansen to purchase under state contract a skid-steer at a cost not to exceed $29,000.
The board continued discussions on what to do about construction and demolition (C&D) material being brought to the transfer station and finally agreed on the following plan.
Starting Oct. 1, C&D from commercial contractors will no longer be accepted at the transfer station. Individuals (home owners and renters) will be allowed to bring up to one pickup truck load (two yards) per week.
The board also authorized Hansen to replace a 20 year old recycling bin at the transfer station at a cost not to exceed $4,500.
The town board will next meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 9, in the Town Hall.