The following capsule does not represent approved minutes. Once minutes are approved you may find them at
The Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education held a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 16.
The Board of Education took the following action:
–Approved the Minutes of Dec. 2, Board of Education meeting.
–Approved the Warrants and Claims.
–Approved the Treasurer’s Monthly Report for November 2014 as presented.
–Approved the appointment of Substitute Cleaner, Dean Stone.
–Accepted the letter intent for purposes of retirement from Jill A. Hollister, Cafeteria Worker, with regret and appreciation for her 17 years of service (substitute and various positions), effective June 26.
–Approved the appointment of Chelsea Hanford as SAT Prep Facilitator on Saturdays, effective Dec. 13 – April 18.
Principal’s Report
Principal John Swick submitted information regarding:
–Congratulations to J. Taylor for being named the ‘Student of the Quarter’ at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center. J. Taylor was chosen for his positive influence on the class and being highly motivated in Environmental Conservation and Forestry 1 Program.
–Robotics Club has developed a working and moving robot. The video will be placed online for all to see.
–Holiday Ball took place on Dec. 13. Student Council did a great job decorating with the Fire & Ice theme.
–The Strand Theatre hosted a special viewing for Town of Webb Students following the Holiday Ball with Inlet Community Church providing the chaperones. The school thanks them.
–Winter Bus Drills took place for K-12 on Dec. 9 for all students.
–At this point in the year, half of the scheduled teacher observations have occurred. This includes both announced and unannounced.
–Thank you to Kurt and Ximena Gardner along with C. Hamlin who put together a video of students that was shown at the concert and posted to the Facebook and Twitter accounts.
–Thank you to Elaine Williams who along with her daughters and the community donated over 30 books to the school library in the name of TOW UFSD alumni Adrienne Williams as November 2014 marks the date that Adrienne would have turned 30 years old.
Superintendent’s Report
Rex Germer included the topics:
–If you haven’t already heard, Commissioner John King has resigned and will be taking a post with the Federal Government. Chancellor Tisch has reiterated the stance of NYSED and states they will start the process to fill this position immediately. Mr. King will be leaving his post in this state shortly after the new year. Expect a great deal of political maneuvering in the coming months as a replacement is chosen.
–Germer attended the BOE meeting in Inlet last week. They would like to get together prior to the start of the Jan. 20 meeting. The district will host them at the school beginning at 5:15 p.m. to continue the annual collaborative get together.
–A big thank you to Kurt and Ximena Gardner for producing another school video on a very tight timeline. The video was shared at the elementary holiday concert and has now been posted to Facebook and Twitter accounts.
–The Twitter account is streaming on the homepage. The district encourages our students, parents, alumni and community members to connect with the district on social media and see all that is happening at the Town of Webb UFSD.
–The 2015-2016 Instructional calendar will be challenging in regard to spring break. State testing/scoring will be scheduled during most of the month of April. The two week break will need to be in March or early May.
–The roof project needs to be discussed as to the timeline for SED approval and proposition for the project to be presented to the voters. It will be a discussion item on the first Board Meeting in January.
–Germer wishes all our BOE members, students, staff and the entire community a Merry Christmas and a 2015 filled with love, laughter, goal attainment and the realization of dreams.
The next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 6, in the school library.