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Ski patrol members from 29 different mountains throughout the northeast came for training at McCauley Mountain this weekend.

For The Express

This past weekend the National Ski Patrol held training at McCauley Mountain. There is a certain criteria that must be met to be a facility that is chosen for such training and McCauley met the mark.
McCauley Mountain was chosen as one of the NSP Eastern Division training sites based on three criteria. The ski hill must have a good relationship with their ski patrol counterparts. Secondly is that there must be a variety of terrain choices: steeps, moguls, intermediate terrain, and terrain for toboggan training.
“McCauley offers some very challenging terrain in a variety of settings,” said training organizer Jon Wilson. That included moguls in trees, double fall lines, tight trees, single fall lines, blind corners, turning trails.
“While you might think it is just the trail, it presents a specific objective and skill set necessary when skiing with a toboggan and injured patient,” said Wilson.
These types of terrain give the ski patrol the opportunity to test their skills. The last factor that contributes to a mountain being chosen is the location needs to be central for those who will attend.
“The weekend at McCauley Mountain, the Patrollers School, was a complete success. We had 87 patrollers attend for 29 different ski patrols throughout the northeast,” said Wilson.
Wilson also expressed that the trainees had a great appreciation of the venue, skiing conditions and the added bonus of the Winter Carnival fireworks display. The patrollers also walked in the Winter Carnival Parade.
“It is fairly rare that we receive such a grand reception at such a welcoming venue, Thank you very much to the Town of Old Forge and McCauley Mountain, for hosting our event, and we look forward to doing it again,” said Dave Walker the National Ski Patrol Board Representative.
Wilson also gave thanks to Mountain Manager Stevie Uzdavinis for helping the National Ski Patrol feel at home and making the event come together smoothly. The National Ski Patrol wanted to thank the Polar Bear Ski Club for allowing them to use the Polar Bears’ yurt during the training exercises.