by Dave Clark

Spring Sports Rosters
Spring sports training is in its second week of practice and the varsity coaches now have clear picture of who they will have playing for them this season. With a school as small as the Town of Webb School and offering three sports, it is again necessary to allow an athlete to go out for two sports. They have to mark down which sport is their preference and if they have a scheduling conflict, they are to go to the sport of their preference. This prevents coaches and other athletes from having to make a tough decision or being coerced into a wrong decision.
Mark Johnston has replaced Doug Riedman as the boys’ varsity baseball coach. Johnston has the following boys on his roster: Calvin Barkauskas, Jimmy Connell, Nolan Fenton, Shane Hulser, Ryan Johnston, Waddie Kalil, Josh Kelly, Dylan LaPorte, Macgregor Ritz-Kenny, Connor Ulrich, Sully Ulrich and Tyler Pittarelli.
The girls’ varsity softball team will be coached by Kerrin Ehrensbeck. Ehrensbeck will have the following girls on her team as she enters into her first year of coaching the team: Dayna DeAngelo, Abby Kelly, Britney Levi, Shelby Mayeu, Caitlin Russell, Alex Sutherland, Alana Howard, Mackenzie LaPorte, Katie Ludwig, Erin Timmerman, Lexie Beal, Alex DiOrio, Ashley Eisenhart, Sydney Payne and Robin Smith.
The coed golf team will be headed again this year by coach, John “Louie” Ehrensbeck. Ehrensbeck has a large group of boys and girls on his team this year. They are: Logan Hodge, Alana Haehl, Jim Connell, David Ehrensbeck, Thailer Ehrensbeck, Ben Evans, Lauren Beckingham, TJ Hulser, Carter Kelly, Erik Lenci, Dawson Dunn, Jack Rivet, Josh Huber, Shane Hulser, Zach Quinn and Brady Payne.
Long-time, veteran coach, Don Allen, will be back to handle the chore of coaching the girls’ varsity track team. Allen has the following girls on his team: Alexis Heath, Karleigh Hollister, Alyssa Green, Maria Lutz, Rachelle Manzi, Renee Smith, Emily Rudolph, Melissa Hoffman, Brittany Johnston, Abby Kelly, Fern Bailey, Emily Greene, Alexis Hollister, Laura Levi, Paige Schweinsberg and Rachel Smith.
Tim Leach will be coaching the boys’ varsity track team again this year and he has the following boys on his team: Charlie Uzdavinis, Tyler Kearns, Josh Kelly, Sully Ulrich, Nick Olsen, Ryan Johnston, Tyler Rudolph, Macgregor Ritz-Kenny, Brendan Kelly, Jacob Bolton, Dylan LaPorte, Jack Rivet, Shawn Hansen, Noah Lamphear, Skyler Delano, Calvin Barkauskas and Nolan Fenton.
Some of the teams will start their schedules before the Easter break, weather permitting. As all rosters are, they are not etched in stone as many factors will enter into changes. The modified baseball and softball team rosters will be in next week’s edition of the Express.

Girls Volleyball News
Three girls on the girls’ varsity volleyball team recently took part in the annual exceptional senior volleyball game held last Wednesday, March 1, at Dolgeville.
The seniors, Lexie Beal, Mickayla Abrial and Laura Rubyor, all played in this exhibition game and found it to be a great experience and an honor to have been selected to play in the game. It is a great way to end their volleyball careers at the Town of Webb School and an experience that they will not soon forget.
Congratulations to these three athletes.

DeAngelo makes
All-Section III Team
In a report that just came out on Thursday, March 16, coach Jessica Brownsell, was informed that a member of her team had just been chosen to the Class D Girls Winter Volleyball All-Section III Team. That girl, Dayna DeAngelo, was the recipient of this high achievement. It is rare that we have an athlete that makes the all-section team and DeAngelo is only a sophomore.
First, you must have been chosen as an all-star for your league. This she was as reported last week. Every league in Section III then sends in a few selected names that the volleyball selection committee would look at and make a final determination. Based on the information sent them, DeAngelo was among 12 girls that made the team. Of the 12, 10 were seniors, one junior and one sophomore–DeAngelo.
This is a great honor for DeAngelo who is a 3-sport star at the Town of Webb School. Assuming she will continue to work hard to be the best she can be–and I’m sure she will–this is only the start of many such awards to follow. Congratulations, Dayna.