by Dave Clark

Boys Modified Baseball

Jason Perkins will continue as the boys’ modified baseball coach this year and they have been busy working out for their season opener which will be after the two-week spring break in April.

Perkins has the following boys on his team: Cedric Barkauskas, Clifford Donovan, George Uzdavinis, Ethan Ehrensbeck, Dawson Dunn, Anthony Gaffney, Tyler Kane, Porter Kelley, Jacob Bolton and Collin Weedmark. With only 10 boys out, Perkins can only hope that there are no injuries or academic problems.

Girls Modified Softball

Alicia Burnett has taken over the girls modified softball duties making her the busiest coach of the year. Burnett is the only coach to coach in all three sports seasons, namely, soccer, volleyball and softball. Most coaches just coach one sport with Tim Leach doing two — cross country and track. Kerrin Ehrensbeck also had two sports, soccer and softball.

Unlike the boys’ team, Burnett has a long list of girls out and her problem will be how to play them all in the games. Her team is as follows: Chelsea Clark, Sarah Beck, Laura Bogardus, Reagan Ehrensbeck, Cameron Gribneau, Amanda Huber, Maria Lutz, Johanna Lutz, Rachelle Manzi, Saige Rowe, Alison Russell, Elsa Vellone, Julie Brosemer, Hannah Kane, Madison Palmer, Natalie Brownsell and Alexandria Aliasso.

Girls Volleyball

Last week I wrote an article about Dayna DeAngelo and her being selected to the Class D Girls Winter Volleyball All Section III Team. A great honor, but I did not say anything about a school in our league that has had quite a nice run in the sport.

Remsen won the league and the Section III championship this year and has had some great teams over the past years. Greg Roos, long time teacher and coach at Remsen, is the successful coach of these teams. I think that this past year will be a year he will never forget. Not only did his team win everything to be won, but his daughter, along with two other seniors, were all named to the Section III team. Not only did his daughter make the team, she was named player of the year in Section III. Along with that, Greg Roos was named the Section III Coach of the Year.

People have asked me why they do not have a state championship round of games like they do with all of the other sports. The answer is they do, but they do it in the fall when all of the other sections play volleyball. So, the Section III championship is as far as a team can go and it has driven a number of schools in section III to change to volleyball in the fall.

Old Forge has had some success in the past and hopefully will have in the future. They have won the league championship three times, in 1982, 2002 and 2003. In 2002, with Dede Hitchcock coaching the team, they also won the Section III Championship. That year, one other section also played volleyball in the winter and I believe it was Section X in Northern New York. I remember that we defeated that team and that was as far as a team could go. It is a shame that we can’t all get together, but its Section III that stands alone and for how long, I do not know.

Only one game scheduled

The only sports activity scheduled for this coming week is a home softball game against Oriskany scheduled to be played on Monday, April 3. Check with any player or the school as to whether it actually will be played that day. Game time is 4:30 p.m.