by Dave Clark

Baseball Season Cancelled

In case you have not already heard and are wondering why I have not mentioned baseball in the schedule, due to numbers and a lack of interest, the baseball season has been cancelled. Our numbers at school have been constantly going down and it was just a matter of time before a sport had to be dropped. There is no way a school the size of ours can continue to support three sports. The girls tried in the winter season only to lose basketball. The fall season has no problem, but low population has now affected both the winter and spring sports season.

Spring Sports Season

Friday, April 7, ends the first five weeks of spring sports training. By this time, normally, the teams have had a few competitions and have had much time preparing outside. However, this year has been a different story as the teams are not close to being prepared for any kind of competition. Running in the halls is not enough.
Many factors come into play. The last few weeks, they have not been able to use the gym as it was used for another type of activity. But the biggest factor is the weather. March was a terrible month coming in like a lion and going out as a lion. Every scheduled ball game or track meet has been postponed or cancelled. Where the track team can practice their field events, snow was dumped onto their runways and throwing areas. It will be a long time before they get to use that area. The softball team has not been able to use their field yet. On top of everything else, the school is now on their two-week vacation and that has never helped our spring sports.
When the athletes get back from their trips south, they will be confronted with a schedule against teams that have several games or meets under their belts. It was never easy, but this year it seems even worse.
Having said all that, it is not unusual for our teams to do well when they finally get started. The track teams have had much success in the past and hope to do so again this year. The golf team has also been very competitive. I always said they are the only team helped by our spring vacation. They go south where you can actually play the game. Here they will have to wait until sometime in May to play our course.
Sports and Music Activities

Last Friday, March 31, Carol and I attended the Broadway revue put on by the music department at the Town of Webb School Gymnasium. It was wonderful. I am always amazed at how good our students do in all kinds of activities they are in. Everybody connected with the revue should be very proud of their efforts in putting on a highly entertaining and professional evening of enjoyable music.
While watching the show, I, as always, noticed how many of the cast I see doing other things for the school. Most of the cast are on the track teams, softball or golf teams. I’m surprised if their parents ever see them. But, I also realize how lucky they are to go to the Town of Webb Schools. Here, they get a chance to do all of these things. Just sign your name to the sign-up sheet and you are on the team. I think of one of my granddaughters who goes to a much larger school. She loves both music and sports–but can’t do both. Because she plays volleyball in the fall, indoor track in the winter and outdoor track in the spring, she cannot be in any plays the school puts on. She misses that. Also, because she takes a number of advanced placement classes, she cannot participate in band. These are common restrictions in larger schools and it points out how nice it is to go to a smaller school. Sure, we miss some of the things that a large school offers, but we still come out better off.
Carol and I raised six children who all attended our school and we also had six grandchildren attend our school. Every one of them loved their time here. And, for whatever reason, the kids do well when they go on to college and seek a life for themselves. The Webb kids do well.
Parents, take time to be with your kids–support them in all of their activities and watch proudly as they move on to greater things. Take it from this writer that may be a little older than you, they go away quickly–too quickly–enjoy them while you can.

NCAA basketball playoffs

As we now have concluded the NCAA basketball playoffs, I feel sorry for all of those people who lost money making their choices for the brackets they entered. It was not easy and even may have been harder for those who follow the game and think they know more about what will happen. What happened was not what many of us thought would happen–especially with the men. In the east, both the top two seeds lost before they even got to the Sweet Sixteen.