by Dave Clark

Center State Conference by divisions
The Center State Conference is the name of the conference that the Town of Webb School participates in. Depending on the sport, the conference, which is a very large league, breaks down into divisions in which to play. In a sport as competitive as basketball, in which everyone plays, the conference breaks down into four divisions. The other sports break down into two or three divisions depending on how many schools take part in that sport.
As the spring sports are starting their schedules already, here is how the conference is divided and how it affects Old Forge. First, the girls’ softball team: There are three divisions for softball and baseball. Old Forge plays in Division III which are made up of the smaller schools in the division. The schools in this division are Hamilton, West Canada, Westmoreland, Poland, Remsen, New York Mills, Oriskany, Morrisville-Eaton and Old Forge. With that many schools in the division, the short season that Old Forge has, the league’s 16 game schedule is hard to complete. If we have a rainy May, it is next to impossible.
In boys’ and girls’ track and field there are also three divisions. The schools that take part in Division III for track are the same as the girls softball except Owen D. Young is added to the list and West Canada went from our division last year back to division I where they used to be. West Canada will be a strong competitor in the Sectionals as they still remain a Class D school.
In golf, they have a different way of setting up the league from all other sports. They also divide into three divisions, but differently. We are in the Northern division with West Canada, Holland Patent, Adirondack, Oriskany, Remsen and Poland.
I hope that this information helps in following the teams this season.

DeAngelo receives one more volleyball award
Several weeks ago I wrote an article about Dayna DeAngelo making the all Section III Class D Volleyball Award. I also mentioned that this would not be the last of awards that this fine athlete, only a sophomore, will receive.
It did not take long before she received another volleyball award that was just announced in the Observer-Dispatch this past week. DeAngelo was selected to the 2016-2017 All-Mohawk Valley Volleyball All-Star Team. There were 10 girls selected to the first team all-stars and all 10 were seniors. DeAngelo was selected to the second team all-stars and on that group of 10 girls, seven were seniors and three were sophomores. The selections were made by the O-D staff with input from area coaches and lists of previously named all-stars.
This selection does not include the entire Section III area, but, what makes it so valued is that it includes all schools in the Mohawk Valley area from AA down to D. This makes this honor an even greater achievement than the Section III honor.
On behalf of the school and the community, I would like to congratulate DeAngelo for this fine honor. Now Dayna, it is on to softball.