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Owner of the Tamarack Cafe, Meg Demartino, hands the big check to Mitch Lee, treasurer of the Inlet Historical Society.

Tamarack Cafe event raises money for Inlet Historical Society

Mini golfers lined up to vie for the first annual History Putts trophy at the Tamarack Cafe’s Putterfingers Mini Golf in Inlet on Thursday, July 20. The hosts Branden and Megan Demartino, owners of Putterfingers, presented the society with a big check that the Tamarack Cafe has donated to the society for their building maintenance fund.
This check, for $3,660 dollars, was invaluable to protecting the collection over the past few winters to purchase heating fuel. Proving the real winner of the Putt put event was The Inlet Historical Society.
The winning pair, who took home the trophy, were Mitch Lee and Lisa Gambacorta with a score of 90. The Inlet Historical Society would like to thank all contributors who make it possible for them to continue to preserve Inlet’s past.