Photo By Amanda Deshaw
The TOW Highway Department has had its hands full this winter keeping our roads safe.

For the Express

Town of Webb highway department has had a busy winter this year with a year to date snowfall of 81.6 inches which has already bypassed last years total of only 78.9 inches for the season and as it’s only February. That number doesn’t include what we had over the weekend. They are sure to continue to be busy, considering we have at least another month left of winter like conditions.
Highway superintendent Casey Crofut says that this year the ever changing temperatures and bouts of freezing rain the area has received has made keep the roads clear a challenge.
The TOW Highway Department employs 12 individuals during the winter including Crofut. They cover eight routes around the area that include 24 miles of county roads and 50 miles of town roads plus all the sidewalks. To keep the roads safe for the members of the community they use roughly 3,000 yards of sand mixed with about 150-160 tons salt during a typical winter season.
“If the roads are in good shape we always have other things to take care of, such as hauling snow from in town down to the Trail One snowmobile bridge in hopes of keeping that area in good shape since it is one of the main access points with high traffic into the TOW snowmobile system,” Crofut said.
Another task the TOW High Department takes on that the people of the area may not know about is that even though the state maintains Route 28, it is the town who does the removal of snowbanks along the main stretch through town. When they have dumped enough snow down at the Trail One bridge they also will take snow that was removed from around town to Railroad Ave. to maintain that groomed snowmobile trail also.
There is no doubt that being an employee of the TOW Highway Department can be a 24 hour job during the winter months due to the conditions that are always changing and at times unpredictable. Be sure to move over for the plow operators and have patience with this hard working crew as they are doing a great job to keep the roads safe so the residents of the community make it home safely.