The Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education held a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 6:30 p.m. The following capsule does not represent approved minutes. Once minutes are approved you may find them at
The Board conducted the Annual Review of: Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR); Board Policy 404.03 – Parent and Family Engagement; Board Policy 408.00 – Incidental Teaching; Board Policy 500 – Student Attendance; Board Policy 505 – Code of Conduct; Board Policy 701 – Purchasing; Board Policy 702 – District Investments
The Board of Education took the following action:
Approved the Minutes of Aug. 15, Board of Education meeting.
Approved the Warrants and Claims.
Approved the July 2017 Treasurer’s Report.
Approved the probationary appointment of Jessica Brownsell as Physical Education Teacher effective Sept. 1.
Approved the probationary appointment of Stefan Reddick as Physical Education Teacher effective Sept. 1.
Approved the full-time probationary appointment of John Abdo as bus driver.
Approved the revised Board Policy 404.03 – Parent and Family Engagement.
Approved the appointment of Craig Fuchs as substitute bus driver.
Certified John Swick as Qualified Lead Evaluator of Teachers.
Approved the provisional appointment of Kelly Deis as Office Assistant II effective Sept. 5.
Superintendent Rex Germer included the topics:
The district welcomed back faculty and staff today to open the 2017-2018 school year and looks forward to getting the students back in the building and beginning the year’s work with them as the focus and primary reason for doing what the district does.
The playground area has been expanded in the back lot to now incorporate an asphalt play area. Some sensory wall equipment will be added in the next few weeks. Thank you to Mike and Patti Gardner for coming in with their son over the weekend to paint game areas in this new expansion as well as constructing the GaGa Ball Pit.
Mark Dengler came into the school to look at our school and the facilities as a next step in the process by Research and Marketing Strategies to evaluate the town resources. This is a followup to the community survey that was done recently concerning a possible community center in the future. The school was one of several sites being looked at as part of the process.
Thank you to the Board of Education and the community for supporting the school and the students by challenging the district to offer an array of opportunities for students today and in the future. The district has grown offerings to meet the needs and interests of students by tapping into the expertise and interests of staff to offer coursework beyond the basic required courses.
The theme will continue this year identifying all of those connected with the school and community as important pieces of the puzzle that will allow students to grow and achieve great things for the region and beyond. All the pieces must come together to complete the picture and have the outcome everyone hopes and strives for. Together everyone will make 2017-2018 a great school year.
Reviewed the progress of repairs/refinishing of the floors in the big gym and the auxiliary gym. Exterior work on the building will be completed soon as the weather cooperates.
John Swick gave an overview of the topics covered during the Superintendent’s Conference Day held today.
The next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19, in the school library.