Town of Webb grades fourth, fifthth, and seventh, welcomed and held an open forum with four veterans from the local community on Tuesday, Nov. 10.
The forum focused on having an open discussion on what being a veteran means as well as celebrating the service of our military in recognition of Veterans Day on Nov. 11.
In attendance were Sgt. Kermizian (Army), Sgt. Best (AF), Lt. Mitchell (Army), and Cpl. Weedmark (USM).
Veterans began the forum by discussing their experience in the military and what “being a veteran” meant to them. Service of the Veterans ranged from the occupation after WWII, Korean War, action in Grenada, Vietnam, Gulf War to local enlisted veterans.
Veterans then allowed students to ask questions that they might have had about military service and Veterans Day. According to one veteran in attendance, “It meant a lot to speak with these young students. I was amazed how eager they were to ask questions and how respectful they were. It reminds us Veterans, even if not active, that our service was worth it.”
The previous week, Sgt. Cunningham (AF) spoke with the fifth graders at Town of Webb School about what it meant to him to be a Veteran. Students and faculty alike were honored to have these veterans and show them how much they cared.