The Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education held its annual reorganizational meeting on Wednesday, July 5.
The following capsule does not represent approved minutes and is provided by the Town of Webb UFSD for publication.
Joseph Phaneuf and Sharon Evans were administered the oath of office as elected Board of Education members.
Joseph Phaneuf was elected president and administered the oath of office.
Anne Garbarino was elected vice president and administered the oath of office.
The board discussed: HCCC Pathway Program as presented by John Swick and the proposed revisions to Board Policy 504.2 – Interscholastic Athletic Code.
The Board of Education took the following action:
Appointed Jennifer Dunn as district treasurer
Appointed Jessica Pashley as deputy treasurer
Appointed Diane Kull as district clerk
Appointed Jessica Pashley district tax collector
Appointed Community Bank, NA as tax collection agent
Appointed Ferrara Fiorenza PC as attorney for special matters
Appointed Loretta Gaffney as census enumerator
Appointed Rex Germer as chief emergency officer
Appointed Rex Germer as purchasing agent
Appointed John Swick as assistant purchasing agent
Appointed Jennifer Dunn as signature on extra classroom activity account checks
Appointed John Swick as deputy extra classroom treasurer
Appointed Rex Germer to certify payroll
Appointed John Swick as attendance officer, Community Bank NA and agreement for administrative tax processing services, Adirondack Express and Weekly Adirondack as official papers, Michael Gardner as AHERAA designee, Rex Germer as records retention officer, educational official, Title IX compliance officer (sex discrimination), Title VI coordinator (race, color, national origin discrimination),and ADA compliance officer
Approved Stackel & Navarra, CPA as independent auditor
Appointed regular board meetings generally on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
Established petty cash at $100
Approved the bond for district treasurer, deputy treasurer, tax collector, central treasurer and dishonesty coverage for all employees
Approved Mary Starring as Section 504 compliance officer
Approved Rex Germer to make budgetary transfer up to $5,000
Approved Rex Germer to approve conference, workshops, conventions, field trips, building use, federally aided projects and pre-payments up to $75,000
Approved Rex Germer to enforce code of ethics
Approved Rex Germer to approve utilization of federal funds
Approved District Treasurer to investment of monies
Approved District Treasurer to make interfund transfers
Approved District Treasurer to sign all checks
Approved mileage reimbursement at current federal rate at day of travel
Approved Rex Germer to approve all BOCES service requests
Approved enrollment in St. Lawrence/Lewis Co-Op programs
Approved specific prepayments for treasurer
Approved Public hearing date of May 8, 2018, annual vote/budget vote on May 15, 2018
Approved the Board of Education district committees
Approved the minutes of June 20 regular meeting
Approved the warrants and claims
Approved Kandis Griffin as dignity act coordinator
Approved Jessica Pashley as depositor of cafeteria funds
Approved the free/reduced price meals/milk program
Certificated the 2017 Graduates
Approved the free/reduced 2017-2018 lunch prices
Appointed Susan Beck as surrogate parent
Appointed the CSE Committee Members
Appointed the CSE Subcommittee Members
Appointed the CPSE Committee Members
Approved the Stillwater transportation contract
Approved the substitute rates of pay, effective July 1, 2017
Appointed the summer regents proctors
Approved the appointment of substitutes for the 2017-2018 School Year
Approved the revision to administrative procedures 5310.01 –substitute pay rates.
Approved the CSE recommendations
Approved the standard workday resolution
Approved the contract for the Stillwater transportation run with Jackie Rudolph for the 2017-2018 school year
Accepted the letter intent for purposes of retirement from Brad Donovan, mathematics teacher, effective June 30, 2018.
Appointed the following Fall 2017 coaches: Tanner Russell, boys’ varsity soccer; Kerrin Ehrensbeck, girls’ varsity soccer; Alicia Burnett, girls’ JV soccer; Tim Leach, coed cross-country running/modified cross country
Declared surplus the following items as surplus: 77 World History “Connections to Today” textbooks, copyright 1997; 40 maroon and white shorts and 17 soccer uniforms
Approved the probationary appointment of Jessie Dresch as Spanish teacher, effective Sept. 1
Approved the homeroom, class and club advisors for 2017-2018 school year
Approved Diane Amos as mentor to Jessie Dresch for the 2017-2018 school year
Appointed David Ehrensbeck as summer cleaner
Approved the Raquette Lake transportation contract for 2017-2018 school year
Approved the board policies: 605.4 School Bus Idling; 605.5 Bus Drills; 605.6 Homeless Transportation and 605.7 Guidance for Occasional Drivers
Approved the revisions to board policies: 515 Meal Charge Policy; 701.1 Income: Local Taxes; 702.1 Insurance; 705 Accounts: Inventories and 707 Food Service Finance Policy
Approved the SEQRA –roof project resolution
Approved the SEQRA – VOIP/PA project resolution
Appointed Katherine VanWie as cook manager, effective July 5
Designated Rex Germer as the representative of the district pursuant to Part 100.2 (y) of the regulations of the Commissioner of Education.
Increased the work hours of Marie Candee as a cook from 6.5 hours per day to 8 hours per day, effective Sept. 1
Superintendent Rex Germer included the topics:
The district has traditionally used sub drivers most days that it is operating with students. A shortage of subs is anticipated this coming year. When looking at usage it includes covering of standard runs that could be assigned to drivers on a regular basis. The superintendent believes the district should advertise for another potential full time driver with the anticipation of possibly creating a position for the upcoming school year as the runs get finalized and scheduled to help alleviate reliance on sub drivers.
Jim Nerschook, a parent that works for Par Technology Corporation, has secured donations to help the school move forward in offering the ability to interact with and use state of the art technology that is found in industry related to the rapidly growing sector called the Internet of Things. He has provided the district with sensors and gateways that will produce live and relevant data for our students to use in many different ways. Quite honestly the district has come up with a number of different possibilities and haven’t even gotten them into the hands and minds of the students or educational staff yet. The district will have a formal press release soon to acknowledge the generosity of the companies involved in getting this technology and helping to bring this technology to students through the connections that Jim has facilitated. The possibilities are endless when our community works together to benefit our students to expose them to as much as we possibly can. By engaging them now we can spark their interest and help them reach their goals and well beyond in fields that don’t even exist yet.
The district has heard from the insurance company that they are only willing to pay the remainder of the $15,000 flood coverage toward the suggested aux. gym floor replacement. This means there is just over $2,000 to put toward this replacement. The district has made contact with senior management who is looking further into this claim and what it should be classified as and what coverage it should fall under. Either way the district needs to make a decision on what we are doing to make repairs, replace or resurface the area. For this reason, the O&M&T Committee should be convened to make a decision without yet having a truly “final” answer from the insurance company because the fact is something has to be done with the floor.
The recent rains have been a good test for our drainage system that failed causing the floor damage. There has been no water backup or intrusion seen with the heavy rains received recently so the repairs that were done maay have been effective.
The next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 1, in the library of the school.