By Gina Greco
Express Staff

Town of Webb elementary teachers held their annual Buddy Reader Night on Thursday, Feb. 23 in the school’s cafeteria.
“Kindergarten and second grade have been partnering up to ‘buddy read’ with classmates once a week for the past four years. Every year we chose a theme and do a week long unit with our buddies where we meet every day for a full week,” said kindergarten teacher, Hannah Payne.
This year, their theme was based on the book and tv series, The Magic School Bus.
“They take time to read some new books and try out a variety of activities and science experiments based on the books we read,” She said.
“Some of the stations included erupting volcanoes, creating silly putty, building a marble run, creating paper airplanes, the human body and ocean science just to name a few.”
Payne said that this year, the activities were expanded to the first and third grade.
“It’s a great way to form friendships with students in other grade levels and build students confidence when reading. It’s amazing to see how cooperatively the kids work together and how excited they are to teach one another and see their buddy readers,” Payne said.