Photo by Arctic Adventure
Bobby Mazza and Jimmy Super on their way to Old Forge.

Express Editor

If you were snowmobiling in Old Forge on Jan. 27, you may have seen an unusual sight. Parked in the Town of Webb Info center parking lot there was Ford Excursion, which isn’t that unusual, but parked on the roof of the SUV was a snowmobile.
That’s right, on top of the SUV.
Some people won’t let anything stop them from heading to Old Forge to snowmobile.
“We were waiting to see if the trail conditions improved, then we heard the Forge was getting hit with good snow we decided to go riding, Bobby [Mazza] and I went to pick up our trailer and it had two flat tires, so with no other alternative and with the passion to go riding, Bobby says, ‘Hey! Let’s just put it on the roof,’” said Jimmy Super, from Haskell, N.J.
Super has been riding since 1985 when his uncle bought him a snowmobile. He’s enjoyed riding in Old Forge for many of those years, usually every other week. Super’s wife’s snowmobile was in a shop near his home, Arctic Adventures, for routine maintenance, and the guys talked the man at Arctic Adventures into putting the snowmobile on the roof of the SUV.
Arctic Adventures, in Rosendale, owner Tom Ferry, couldn’t believe it when the pair requested that he load the snowmobile onto the SUV.
“I said, ‘What, are you kidding me?’ I thought they were crazy, but they said that they had talked to the State Police and they said as long as it was strapped on with four points it was legal,” he said.
So Ferry got out the fork lift and gently placed the snowmobile on top of the SUV.
The pair drove the three hours to Old Forge for the weekend. Super runs an excavating company and this time of year it’s slow, so the timing was perfect for a spur of the moment adventure.
When they got to Old Forge, the guys at Smith Marine were nice enough to get the snowmobile down for them.
And off they rode.