The White Lake Association will host a tour of the lake and several of its historic homes and gardens from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 3. The proceeds will go toward keeping invasive species out of the lake and bringing awareness to the dangers of aquatic invasives.
White Lake currently has a Paul Smith’s College steward on hand at the lake’s boat launch three times per week, Friday through Sunday, to check boats. A grant pays for two of the three days with the White Lake Assoc. funding the third.
Last year the steward station was able to check 250 boats and educate over 600 people about invasive species. They found only a single invasive issue.
“It only takes one boat,” says business owner Danielle Mann of White Lake Lodges.
Boat trailers, canoes and kayaks can also transfer species from one body of water to another and should be thoroughly cleaned before being launched.
“The biggest problem is that people don’t understand the repercussions of an invasive species,” says Mann.
The tour will highlight five historic houses and their gardens on White Lake including the Utley house, built in 1850. A narration for the tour was written by author Barb Spring who wrote, “White Lake-1798 to 2012,” and lives on the lake.
Tickets are $35 and are available at Season’s, Lucky Dogs, Woodgate Free Library and White Lake Lodges. Parking is available at the Stumble Inn and the tour begins at White Lake Lodges. Tickets are limited for this rain or shine event. Contact White Lake Lodges at (315) 392-3493.