Late Thursday evening, long after Mike and Lori Wilson had gone to bed, their dog Brooke started to act peculiar.
“I call her my teenager, because she sleeps all night and doesn’t want to wake up in the morning,” said Lori.
But Thursday Brooke did wake up at night. When Lori first heard the dog moving around she thought that Brooke was just repositioning herself. But then the dog came to the bed and started whining.
“She woke us up and then my husband heard popping, it sounded like someone chopping ice,” said Lori.
The Wilsons live on a hill right across the street from The Woods Inn and from their second story veranda they can look out over the roofs of Inlet. When Mike went out onto the veranda he saw the fire and the couple called the fire department.
“When we first reported it we reported it as the Parquet House because that’s what we thought it was, but after we got the binoculars out we could see that it was the house next to it,” she said. “Thank god she woke us up, we wouldn’t have know about it until we heard the fire trucks if she hadn’t. We would have slept right through the night.”
It was a good thing that Brooke alerted her owners to the fire. The house that burned was very close to the Town of Inlet offices and the Parquet House. The firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to the adjacent buildings due, in part, to Brooke’s warning.
“We think that even though she doesn’t have spots she should get to sit in the fire truck in the next parade,” laughed Lori.
-M. Lisa Monroe