By Coach Ken Thibado
For the Express

Another perfect record for the BombERNs! Two in three years, not bad, not at all. Our green clad ‘erngels from Eagle Bay’s Tavern delighted one last time, as July blinked out and August glowed anew — like a sign glowing “TAV” and “ERN” separately but all at once. The sharply dressed squadron from Pete and Linda’s cozy clubhouse lit the night neon pink celebrating another year of softball ERNed.
This night featured Big Moose Inn RBIs (BMIs) knocked in by Big Moose Station’s Sarah “Run Home” Shanahan. While Shanahan plated runs, Goose Pylman goosed fly ball after fly ball with grace and suspense. Meanwhile Rubber returned to the rubber, and pitched another gem. As originals Red Eggleston, DeShaw (traded for Hoepfl back in 2014), Bryan Bennett’s Wife, Pixie Lindsey, and Field General Sheldrick all turned in excellent games yet again.
I could go on for pages about these girls, and the wonderful season they have turned in but this isn’t one of those long-winded Screamers/Mudsliders articles.
Many thanks to The Tavern (Long Live Taco Tuesdays!). And to Mountainside Smokehouse, who not only supplied us with all of our game balls, but also provided us with Alexis Bennett’s Husband as umpire. The Big Moose Inn provided us with our Excalibur from the bat rack, which we used to slash our way through another perfect season.
Many thanks to The Town of Inlet for our majestic field, at ‘ern Park as well. And lastly, thank you to the real Coach Thibado, Tom Thibado, who diligently keeps the best scorebook in the Adirondack League of Lady Softballers.
Thanks for reading and showing up to support our girls.